Luxury Kitchen Ideas

Do not you wish you for your kitchen to feel like a luxury home cooking? Reality - you can do it for a fraction of the price. A luxurious home environment can be yours with these helpful tips.


1. Replace granite countertops for granite top overlays. Several companies make a polymer / granite "shell" that fits directly on your counter current. The result? A counter that looks like you spent thousands to half the price of granite.

2. Instead of marble tiles, use tiles. Several varieties of man made ​​tiles mimic the look of marble and can save you money.

3. Replace hardwood floors with high-end varieties of laminated wood. Hardwood is expensive and high maintenance. Laminate flooring upscale looks like real wood, and comes in hundreds of choices. It may also getting wet, and does not scratch like hardwood flooring.

4. Replace granite sinks to the deep bowl under mounted stainless steel sinks. The receivers can be expensive, especially when using granite or other solid surface material. Use a deep bowl, two or three compartment stainless steel sink. This will keep the slip as you want without the hefty price tag.


5. Instead of custom faucets and accessories, use "ready" varieties. Many kitchens luxury high-end custom machines. These days, home improvement stores offer the same great looks, but by common manufacturers. Delta, Moen, American Standard are a few that will save you money, without anyone knowing.

6. When renovating a kitchen cabinets, wood re-face instead of starting again. This process is to maintain the original firm, but with a laminated finish on the old. Cabinet fronts and drawer are brand new. With new material added traction door, is the final appearance of high-end cabinets that do not harm your wallet.

7. Instead of expensive, shiny metal cabinets, cabinet manufacturers use self-assembly. Instead of spending thousands on the sleek, modern cabinets visit a store like IKEA. They have dozens of choices for cabinets that you can ride yourself. If you need help, they have the help you can purchase separately.

8. Replace the stainless steel appliances for stainless steel finish appliances. Device manufacturers now offer stainless steel finish appliances. These devices do not provide fingerprints that stainless steel gives, and the appearance is always modern and luxurious.


9. Instead of crystal lights and expensive, choose "off the shelf" equipment. Pendant, recessed, and under the lighting-counter drugs can be expensive. Use varieties that are readily available from your favorite lighting or home improvement store.

10. Instead of tile back splashes and granite tile, consider using glass and ceramics. Mosaic tile and granite can be costly and laborious to install. With the wide variety of tile options are limitless. You can get a back splash upscale, complete your luxury kitchen without the cost!