Sustainable Residence in Los Angeles with Original Architecture Details

Hover House 2 was designed by Glen Irani architects and is located in Los Angeles, USA. The residence has a unique architecture, serving both an aesthetic purpose and a functional one. According to the architects, the house “is planned around the use of a fully developed outdoor living environment which includes a kitchen, dining area and living area. Hovering a large volume above the landscape eliminates the typical discontinuity
between the front and rear garden areas and situates a built outdoor environment in the midst of a measurably larger feeling garden space. The blanketing roof is shaped to conduct softly gradient, reflected clerestory light while seemingly floating gently and protectively over the interior spaces“. Moreover, the Hover House 2 was built with sustainability in mind: ” PVC cool roof technology, high efficiency mechanical systems, window shading, sustainable wood finish and structural products and minimization of long term refinishing and maintenance are just several measures this project.” The interior design is highly contemporary, featuring intriguing furniture arrangements

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This clad, white-paneled home called House O is the work of Chikara Ohno of Sinato, located in Mie Prefecture, Japan. The residence, located on a deformed site, has pockets of outdoor space in between its geometric forms in order to maintain balance throughout the overall structure of the home, which comprises three rectangular boxes.

Classical and modern

The house is beautiful and elegantly designed for a young couple who asked the optimization of land and open spaces. The combination of wood, glass, concrete and zinc ended up giving the house a comfortable and look nice. The house is simple in plan and form, referring to conventional homes. Using precious linings of concrete bricks, wood for heating perception, titanium sheet and zinc and glass from five feet, they created the impression of a modern structure in a classical form. The idea of this series is to show inspirational and beautiful houses. The houses that stand out for its design, elegance, elements, concept or simply because they are beautiful. Interior design and beautifully designed homes, you’re in the right place.

This is a project 

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